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Vedia Bülent Önsü Çorak
Vedia Bülent Önsü Çorak was born in 1923 in Bursa, Turkey. Our Celestial Friends call her "Mevlana". In Turkish, the word Mevlana means “Servant of God; the one who sheds Light on Humanity”, while in the Universal Totality it symbolises the consciousness of a perfect Human Being, who has completed their evolution (7th Evolutionary Dimension).

Mrs Çorak is not a medium, nor a prophet. She is the direct spokesperson and only representative of the System on our planet. In this lifetime, as a necessity of the period, she came to:
  • Receive the messages for the Knowledge Book and to prepare and publish the book
  • Establish 18 Knowledge Book study groups of 18 people in Anatolia by the year 2000 (as the initial energy reflection network of the Knowledge Book magnetic field. Nowadays, the most advanced study program on the path of the Knowledge Book is in Turkey.)
  • Receive the energies of Unknown Dimensions that are being anchored in the Earth’s magma
  • Introduce the System to our Planet, and to initiate conscious service in the Universal Unification Program called The Golden Age

In the year 1993, with the centre in Istanbul, she founded:
  • The World Brotherhood Union Universal Unification Centre Association and
  • The World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation

These establishments are the first official representatives of the Celestial Authorities on Earth, and Mrs Çorak is the President of both the Association and the Foundation.

Mrs Çorak also published further two books:
  • LIGHT (2007) and

Both of these book can be ordered from this website.
The website of the President of the World Brotherhood Union:
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