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The Knowledge Book
has been prepared so that by its inherent Cosmic techniques it most effectively facilitates our evolvement until we reach the dimension of the Genuine Human Being (7th Evolutionary dimension)..

The Knowledge Book was prepared according to the ALPHA entrance – OMEGA exit program of evolution on Earth. It was dictated using the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique through the Alpha Channel of the Lord , in the period 1981-1993 to Vedia Bülent Önsü Çorak (Mevlana) in Anatolian Turkey.

Mrs Çorak, born in 1923, is the direct spokesperson and only representative of the System on the planet. She received the Book not through her personal channel, but as a messenger of the Lord who is connected to His direct channel.

The Book is an energy total comprising the frequency of all the Religious Books revealed to the Earth until now, together with the frequency of the Mighty Energy Focal Point.

The Knowledge Book took 12 years to complete, and is composed of 55 Fascicules and 7 supplements – making a total of 62 chapters.

The Book was published for the first time in book-format in Turkish (Original) and in English at the same time in 1996, by the World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation based in Istanbul. This organisation is registered in the Universal Totality as the official single direct focal point of the Reality of the Unified Humanity on the planet Earth, and it acts as the Reality’s World Broadcasting Centre.

In no way was the Knowledge Book given to please Humanity’s terrestrial expectations and curiosity, but rather to project the information and energy necessary for our evolution during this transition stage.

Our current evolutionary challenge is to transcend Terrestrial consciousness and move on to Universal and Cosmic Consciousness. This process is called Resurrection. It is marked by our opening towards the information (energy) beyond the Religious dimension and by realisation of the Universal Truth.

Since we first came into existence, we have walked on the path of evolvement that the Lord designed for us. It is the path towards reaching our Essence energies that are within the Spiritual dimension, and which belong to our physical body – the path towards our Godly Essence.

In societies where the evolution of the Religious dimension has not been completed, religious practices are increasing. That is a necessary process, in order for individuals to be able to reach the frequency of the Knowledge Book, and to continue serving the Creator – from ever higher levels of consciousness.

The Knowledge Book was conveyed through the direct Channel of the Lord. That channel is called the Alpha channel. Currently, the vertical projection of the Alpha channel is over Anatolia, and that is the reason why the Knowledge Book arrived on our planet in Turkey.

Even though The Knowledge Book is the direct book of the LORD bestowed to our planet, it is not a Religious Book or a Sacred Book.

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The Knowledge Book does not come from the Religious dimension, but from the Universal dimension, and conveys scientific truths according to the level of consciousness on Earth. While the Religious Books convey truths through metaphors, the Knowledge Book, in detail and in full clarity, explains:

  • Phenomena like energy, Existential Dimension, Big Bang, Atomic Whole, (Genuine) Human Being, evolution, Resurrection, Ascension, gene transfers, death, immortality etc.
  • Celestial bodies like System, Centre, Plan, Reality of Unified Humanity, Golden Galaxy Empire, Altona (the Musical Universe), Land of Angels, Sirius star system, Saturn, etc.
  • Genesis and functions of Supreme Powers such as God, Lord, Creator, Almighty, Allah, All-Truthful, All-Merciful, etc.
  • In order to ascend to a Cosmic Consciousness, it is imperative to develop an Awareness of the Ordinance, by familiarising oneself with those basic Cosmic facts and structures.

    The Knowledge Book declares to us the truth pertaining to our Past, Present and Future, hence it directly answers our eternal questions: Who are we?, Where do we come from? and What is the best path forward to the future?

    All our evolutionary efforts in gaining the necessary Knowledge are for attaining a consciousness capable of grasping the Universal Truth. Only under the Light of that Truth can the Human Being be sure about the path it walks on, on this planet.

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    THE GOLDEN AGE, or the Fourth Order of the LORD, aims to unify Human Beings both on our planet and in the Universe. After the foundation of the Golden Age is laid during the three centuries (20th–21st–22nd), the Golden Age will be fully lived during the following seven centuries (23rd-30th). A period of nine centuries, beginning with the 30th century, will constitute the Age of Light. The Knowledge Book will serve Humanity during these 19 centuries.

    The Knowledge Book is the only evolutionary manual (direct book of the Lord) for the Golden Age – hence it is also called the Golden Book of the Golden Age.

    This Book is the frequency guide for the evolvement that will secure our future.

    The Fourth Order of the LORD, began in the year 2000, when Kozmoz closed the Religious dimension to our planet – after a 6000-year period of preparation for Humanity, carried out through the Alpha energies of the Religious teachings. Each of the previous three Orders of the Lord lasted 2000 years:

    1. The First Order of the Lord was the period before Moses, when the Far East philosophies were conveyed to the planet through the Alpha channel, the vertical projection of which was over Tibet. In order for a Human Being to be purified and attract Cosmic energy, the Meditation technique was introduced.
    2. The Second Order of the Lord was the program of Moses, who received the text/knowledge of the Old Testament through the Alpha channel – which was over Egypt at that time.
    3. The Third Order of the Lord was a joint program belonging to Jesus Christ and Mohammed. The objective of this program was, firstly, to deliver Love, and, secondly, Knowledge, to Humanity which was at the 3rd Evolutionary dimension.

    Thus, when the vertical projection of the Alpha channel was over Jerusalem, Jesus received the New Testament – which carries the frequency of Love from the 9th Evolutionary dimension.
    When the vertical projection of the Alpha channel shifted to the Arabic peninsula, Mohammed dictated the text of the Koran, filled with the Knowledge prepared in the 18th Evolutionary dimension.

    According to the Cosmic view, the Human Being of this planet was to complete its evolution through the energies of the Religious dimension to reach saturation with the energy of the 18th Evolutionary dimension) by the year 1999. For that reason, the Kozmoz gave permission for the opening of the Universal dimension to our planet in the year 2000, and for our direct contact with the Cosmic Technological dimension.

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    The Knowledge Book is designed to convey Beta energy to us from the Omega dimension, and to facilitate our receiving of the Cosmic currents that come to Earth to support and accelerate evolutionary processes.

    Since it helps us to obtain and assimilate necessary evolutionary energy, the Knowledge Book is considered the Book of Salvation.

    In order to take the maximum number of friends onto a higher evolutionary level and to the Fourth Order of the Lord, three so-called Cosmic Ages of accelerated evolution have been taken into effect on Earth. Each of these Cosmic Ages lasts 100 years, and together they encompass the 20th, 21st and 22nd centuries.

    During these 300 years, starting with the year 1900, due to a direct command of the Lord, special Cosmic currents are being sent to our planet to engraft the necessary energies of higher dimensions into our biological constitutions and to bring about the expansion of our consciousness. These three centuries are considered the Transition Period or the Period of Salvation, in which a great selection of all living entities is taking place on Earth.

    The Salvation Plan is a part of the Universal Unification Program, prepared for the salvation of all living entities on our planet. The coordinates of salvation are determined by the frequency of the Knowledge Book.

    Our salvation means the completion of our evolution to the level of the Genuine (perfect) Human Being – all in line with the standards of the LORD, and His suggestions declared through the Knowledge Book.

    Whether we will succeed in achieving our evolutionary goal depends on our ability to grasp the Truth (by attracting and assimilating Beta Universal energies), and on our ability to act according to our Conscience (which always shows us the best path).

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    For individuals who cannot enter the protective aura of the Knowledge Book, it is more difficult to fully benefit from the Cosmic influences directed to our planet to speed its evolution. These friends stay imprisoned by the energies of chaos, confusion, negativity, fear and ego of the Terrestrial dimension.

    Everyone who serves on the path of the Knowledge Book is protected by the System. The System takes under control all negativities in the immediate surroundings of missionaries who read the Knowledge Book and follow the suggestion of the System. It also connects the missionaries directly to the Healing channels, and thus the Spiritual and Physical Cellular Forms of these friends are protected.

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    The Knowledge Book is the only OMEGA book on Earth, and it is prepared with the energy of all 9 layers of the OMEGA dimension. 
    This is also the Book of endless dimensions, since it is a direct Book of the Lord. However, at the moment, the Knowledge Book delivers to us only as much information and energy as we can comfortably assimilate – according to our current consciousness level

    The 3rd Evolutionary (Frequency) dimension corresponds to the 12th (Energy) Intensity or Energy dimension.
    The 9th Evolutionary dimension corresponds to the 56th Energy dimension (New Testament).
    The 18th Evolutionary dimension corresponds to the 72nd Energy dimension (Koran).
    The 19th Evolutionary dimension (Omega) corresponds to the 76th Energy dimension (The Knowledge Book).

    The Human Being on our planet starts its evolution at the 3rd Evolutionary dimension, which is symbolically called the Entrance through ALPHA gate, because of the initial education made according to the Alpha energies of the Religious dimension.

    If a Human Being successfully passes all their exams in the life school on Earth, and manages to attract and to assimilate the Beta energies coming from OMEGA and develop its own personality accordingly – that Human Being can then get permission to Exit through the OMEGA gate. Thus, evolution on Earth is the application of the ALPHA EntranceOMEGA Exit program.

    However, unless one completes the evolution through the Alpha energies (Religious program – HORIZONTAL evolution) and saturates oneself with the energy of the 18th Evolutionary dimension, one cannot enter the VERTICAL evolution through the Beta Universal energies of the 19th Evolutionary dimension - Omega

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    Once we reach the Knowledge Book, we therefore have the opportunity to evolve in a most comfortable and efficient way by following its suggestions – as those of a Guru, operating from the Omega Dimension that is our final evolutionary step here on Earth.

    Inherent in the Knowledge Book is the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique, which scans our evolvement level, and then trains us according to our evolutionary deficiencies and needs. For this reason, THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK THAT IS AN OMEGA BOOK IS BY ITSELF A GURU – the only one that Human Beings will need from now on.

    The Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique captures the Cosmic energy that continuously showers our planet. The attracted energy is loaded onto each letter of the Book, and from there is reflected to the reader, parallel to the reader’s reception capacity and evolutionary level. The Knowledge Book supervises the reader as time passes, and gradually opens higher and higher energy layers so that the reader can complete their evolution of the Omega dimension.

    Since the energy reaching our planet from the open sky is changing and intensifying in every passing moment, the meaning of the text in the Knowledge Book is continuously updated by the new energy passing through it. The book always carries the energy of the time segment in which it is read, and is designed to perform this task until the 39th century.

    By continuously upgrading itself, the Knowledge Book behaves as a living entity. This characteristic of the book has been illustrated using the P.I.P technique by the SUPRA Research Foundation in India.

    The Knowledge Book is designed to continuously offer the higher energy to us. Hence, this personal Guru never stagnates – it always delivers the highest energy of the Omega dimension that we can take. We can only progress by working with it.

    Since the incoming Cosmic energy (Time energy) influences the meaning of the text, what the Book reveals to us now and in 10, 100, or 1000 years will change. The same words and sentences deliver different meanings according to the time in which the Book is read. This means that the notions we possess are continuously redefined by being described to us with the ever higher dimensional energies coming to the planet. The Knowledge Book is designed to continuously offer the higher energy to us. Hence, this personal Guru never stagnates – it always delivers the highest energy of the Omega dimension that we can take. We can only progress by working with it.

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    Gradually and efficiently, the Knowledge Book engrafts us with the Beta energy from the Omega Dimension – all in accordance with our personal capacity to receive it. Hence, in an accelerated way, it evolves us and leads us to the completion of our evolution on Earth.


    Making ourselves busy with the energy of the Omega dimension, working with the Knowledge Book, enlarges our cerebral potential and stimulates the speed of our thought.


    • The book explains the reasons of our anxiety, sufferings and social strife, and directs us to logical thinking – thus helping us to solve our problems and achieve an inner peace.


    • To those who are ready, the Book explains the Universal Truth; while those who are not ready for it, are led to the medium of Quest.
    • Equipped with the Universal Truth, we are able to comprehend the meaning of our coming on Earth and more easily accept the events we experience.


    • The magnetic field of the Knowledge Book – that we become a part of as we study the Book – is a protective frequency medium highly desirable in the days of great chaos, difficulties and sufferings on Earth.
    • The energies conveyed by the Knowledge Book are needed for both our material and spiritual cells, and are decisive in the shaping of our supreme personality.
    • The frequencies of the Book are building blocks of the immortal Human Being – the one who completed the necessary evolution and reached its full genetic potential.
    • Conscious work on the path of the Knowledge Book is the fastest and the most comfortable way to acquire the energy of immortality on our planet.

    WE RECEIVE ANSWERS to all the questions in our mind and they accord the level of our evolvement. It is the only such book on the planet.


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    • To declare Universal Truths and Universal Laws to our Planet according to the Divine Command
    • To invite us to Universal Unification, in line with the Fourth Order of the Lord
    • To introduce and train the World population to apply the Universal Operational Ordinance , in order to unite Humanity on Earth in a world of brotherhood, peace and love
    • To form the aura of the Knowledge Book in the Universal Totality, through serving Humanity in the medium of Universal duty into which the Book invites us
    • To reconcile the differences in religions and opinions on Earth
    • To strengthen our planet by the Laws of Respect for the Human Being and for the Creator
    • To explain to Humanity the reasons for treading the Path treaded so far, by revealing all the relevant secrets and facts
    To assist the evolution of Humanity, and guide Human Beings to achieve Exit from Omega

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    The Knowledge Book is the only Universal book on our planet. It is an Intergalactic Constitution, carrying the seal 115-685 of the Law of Universal Legislation.
    This is the Book of the Cosmic Light and the key of our Essence, bestowed on our planet by the direct command of the Lord.
    The Knowledge Book was dictated by the use of the Light – Photon – Cyclone Technique.

    With the Knowledge Book, the cosmic Technological dimension has introduced to our planet a new technology. It is the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique, which our terrestrial science will explain only in future centuries. This technology gives to the Knowledge Book unique characteristics and value. Due to this technology, the Book:

      The energy of time is continuously attracted onto the frequencies of the letters (Photons)

      according to the energy of the time segment in which it is read. Hence throughout the centuries, the same text will offer new information
    • ADJUSTS ITS ENERGY to the reception power and level of consciousness of every individual friend who reads it


    • THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK IS MORE THAN A BOOK – it is a cosmic technological device (disguised). The form of a book is conveniently chosen as a widely accessible evolutionary assistant to the Human Being – in receiving intense cosmic energy and evolving faster on Earth at the time of transition into the Golden Age.

      THE TEXT OF THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK CANNOT BE MEMORISED as any other book on the planet can – since the changing energy of time continuously flows through this Book

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    The Knowledge Book is an energy total comprising all the sacred frequencies given to our planet, plus a new energy from the Omega dimension that has never been disclosed to us before.

    Each of the 62 chapters is also an energy and frequency total on its own, connected to different dimensions. The energy intensity of the chapters increases gradually through the Book. Hence, for the best results, it is advisable to:

      • Read each chapter as a whole; in solitude, uninterruptedly

      • Read the Book in sequence of chapters

      • Read one chapter per day

      • Not to read the Book at the same time, in the same place (such as home), if somebody else reads or   copies the Book in handwriting


    If we read the Knowledge Book by skipping the pages or chapters, or even properly but only once, it will be insufficient to open the energy treasures of this Book for us. We will also not be able to understand its real purpose; nor experience the expansion of awareness and consciousness that the Book superbly facilitates.

    Comprehending what we read is not the first priority, but rather the assimilation of the Omega energy. Comprehension comes as a result of getting used to the energy of the Omega dimension through committed work with the book. Hence at the beginning, we will not be able to comprehend much. Even so, our Essence will keep us attracted to the Book, because our Essence will be in resonance with the Essence-energy present in the Book.

    The Book contains deliberately placed contradictions that test our attention, knowledge and interest in the Book. As we get used to the energy of the Omega Dimension, and as our awareness and knowledge grow, what seemed contradictory information fits perfectly into a bigger picture.

    Some call the Knowledge Book a “time machine”, since it continuously attracts the cosmic energy that arrives to our planet, and conveys it to Human Beings parallel to their consciousness level – hence offering new meanings of its text relative to the time of reading.

    Those who resonate with the essence of the Knowledge Book, read it and study it committedly through their entire life. That way, through the energy of the Book they stay connected to the Cosmic homeland.

    NOTE: Through the Knowledge Book, the Kozmoz has applied numerous programs, unknown to us, aiming to facilitate our evolution. Through time, with the development of our consciousness, we start to understand and accept them.

    Additional information on the Knowledge Book and how to buy it:

    tel:   1 973-787-7035

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